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* Keep Drama From The Boards ( This means any grudges or debates that may turn into problems. We will be monitor and remove anything we feel that may become more a problem then good. Your post will be removed and you will be warned. 3 strikes your out rule will be enforced)

* Signature Rule #2 : No more then 2 animated images with the size limit of 45,000 byes in size.

If you wish to advertise a event or a auction from another site you must ask permission first. Any posts with out permission will be removed. This does not apply to events or auctions on Starlight Chat or Chat Resort

If the event its spammed on the board or with in room boards or realms they will be removed

Gor Events : Please keep the gor events in the Gor Events area of the board. And No posting of others boards unless you have permission of that room.

Note : Keep in mind we reserve the right to delete any posts on our forum or ban anyone that maybe disturbing it. Also keep in mind that your IP address is recorded with each post you make on the forum.

We will be monitoring the board and removing older posts from time to time...