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New look coming soon
« on: May 06, 2018, 02:22:14 PM »
As some of you seen over the past couple of months I have redone Chat Resort's look. It is more friendly with cell phones/tablets and other devices in regards of the site look itself. The rooms however remained the same. I am looking at that as a future project as well. however every page is more friendly when loading.

Now I am looking to do the same with Starlight Chat since it has been a while since it has gotten a different look. So I am planning on updating the outside structures look. The rooms will remain the same but the users online page and all the others will be getting the new look. Same setup as Chat Resort it will be more friendly for those who wish to look at who is online, or other pages through those devices while keeping the Starlight theme (dark theme/blue) as much as possible but with a slightly different look. So if you happen to load the site and notice it change, and then change back at times it is because I am testing it out.
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