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false information about who owns sites.
« on: April 20, 2018, 06:50:01 PM »
It has come to my attention someone is going around suggesting they are the Site Owner of Starlight Chat, and Chat Resort. Let me correct anyone who has been told this lie.

I am the Sole Owner of and I also am the owner of domain name, which is no longer a up and running chat site as I closed it down a few years ago.

Chris, however was a Co-Owner and still to this day is listed as such even though he is not around to be contacted as much due to his own r/t duties called work. Therefore I am the only.

So if you hear otherwise...sorry you been lied to, I been the Owner since day one, way back in 2000.

Owners are now shown in a "Green" color on both sites. You will never see me on the site in any other fashion. I always show so everyone is aware.
Go on, email the contact pages, and see who responds to you....

As well I will never ask for your personal information via chat room. I won't give out any information of chatters as well in a chat room. Anyone who asks for their info, must provide me with a email that they signed up with. or you don't get anything from me. So don't ever give our your information to anyone!

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Re: false information about who owns sites.
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The short version:

they are LYING TO YOU!
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Re: false information about who owns sites.
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when asked...i gladly give out my phone number
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