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free private rooms
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Recently people think it is just fine to break the rules as long as it is done in the Free Private Rooms that I provide on both Starlight Chat and Chat Resort.

Well that is not the case. Free private rooms have rules as well that go along with the Site Rules, which by the way can be found at

Suggesting that you don't know a rule is not going to fly with me. The rules are posted on the entrance pages, the site rules are posted on the user list and all other site related pages. There is no excuse.

However since some have got caught up in a recent ban for breaking a rule constantly...let me be first to remind you here and now.

Names that are of dots, dashes, or under age names will NOT be acceptable.This includes dots, single letters, numbers or symbols such as $@^*. Anonymous names such as "anonymous, anon, guest, curious, newbie, peeking," are forbidden. Choose a proper name!

Using single letter names, numbers, symbols or anony like names constantly on the site is forbidden. Choose a proper name otherwise I am going to assume you are a spammer. Therefore you are breaking the following site rules...

8. No, Java scripts, VB scripts or Spamming/Flooding the rooms with HTML codes eg: page white out/snow storms, nonsense posts or pictures or any other annoyance

10. No changing of names/gender on the site to cause disturbance to the chat rooms. This is a no drama free site and if something starts to get out of hand then you will be removed. The only exception to this site rule is if it is in a Roleplay Based chat room only and others are aware that you are playing more than one role.

15. Names that are of dots, dashes, or under age names will NOT be acceptable. This includes dots, single letters, numbers or symbols such as $@^*. Anonymous names such as “; anonymous, anon, guest, curious, a newbie, peeking,” are forbidden.

And finally, the free rooms are free to use for anyone, BLOCKING entrance to a room that you don't have the actual limit for is forbidden on the site. Again I will take that as you are breaking the rules above and your access will be removed. If you don't have the proper room limit, then choose another room. Choosing another name to block off others that might have the actual limit, is not allowed. If all the other rooms are used up, perhaps consider purchasing a membership. $20.00 a year will get you access to a option to create your own private room that has a limit of 10 users. That room will close down after 15 minutes of not being used. If you don't want to purchase, fine by me, try another room or another site altogether.

Going to the private rooms, to try to role play, underage play, is as well forbidden. If caught using an AV that suggests someone is a minor on the site, you will be banned and no, I won't give a second chance in regards. Using underage names, again not allowed...

7. No underage nickname’s such as Debbie (F/15) or any other name that represents being underage will be allowed the user will be immediately ask leave or booted and banned from the site

Just because I don't go through a larger list of example names, doesn't mean you can get around the system of the rule. If you are on this site, your adult enough to know one or two examples is good enough. Trying to get around something simply by changing a name differently a little won't fly with me.
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