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Reporting any issues
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Alright, First thing is first. This post is not directed to just anyone but everyone since it seems I need to refresh this topic every so often.

1. If you have a complaint toward another user on the site, send me an email about the issue. I said email, because I'm not on the board daily, and please don't use social media such as facebook/twitter or any of those options as I do not respond there. As well include a Time Stamp of when the issue happened, along with room name. Log files on the site are to big, messy to look through every timp stamp that is listed in there, chat names, chat av codes, banners that room owners use, and etc. If I don't have a time stamp then you must provide me with something to go on such as part of a post that happened, otherwise sorry I can't help. I'm not going through thousands of information to try to pinpoint an issue.

2. If you are having an issue, with a room, loading in, features not working correctly etc. Again, That is what my email is there for. I do respond at times on the board, however once more, your wait time could be even longer. That is why I have always said Email. Please provide me a little information other than, room not working as well. That helps! If you are getting an error please provide me with that.

I think that this is a pretty simple thing to ask for. As well keep in mind that I can't be here 24/7,  Sorry but I have other commitments outside of chat that require my attention as well.

However given the information above, DOES help with locating the issue much faster, so that I may take action.

You can contact me via the contact page if you don't know my email directly. That is located at the top of the site pages, or directly at

If you are having trouble getting a response from my main email at david (@) starlightchat (dot) com you may send me a email directly too

starlightchat79 (@) gmail (dot) com

If you are having a issue you can send me info at

or directly to

chatresort (@) gmail (dot) com

If your access has been denied on the site, it usually is for a reason. However there is cases that a IP ban that I have done has clashed with another that has not caused an issue and I might need to look into it. If that is the case please provide your current IP address as well. You can find your IP address at the following sites.

And lastly, going to another user on the site, and complaining that you don't have access, or features don't work, etc. is obviously not the best choice. That will only add to the wait time of your issue if you go to another person. They have to go back and forth to me especially if you don't provide the proper information.
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