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A note to all room owners/mods
« on: January 08, 2018, 12:27:57 AM »
I want to make a quick note to all Room Owners/Mods in regards of using your boots in other rooms.

Unless a site rule is being broken, then use your boots only in your room. If a site rule has been broken, and you are required to help remove an issue from a room that is not yours or that you are assigned too, you must copy the time stamp, and send me an email regarding that way I am able to pull the logs and review.

I allow boots to be used in other rooms in order to help remove trouble that might come into a room, and others are not around to take care of an issue so that the site keeps as much drama free, and trouble free as it possibly can be done.

Owning boots, does not give anyone the right to just boot for just a small dispute with another. Nor will having boots excuse you from needing to leave a room if you are asked by another room owner either.
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